Ski Instruction

GSSC Ski and Snowboard Instruction Program

(GSSC Members only)

This program will give all members the opportunity to improve their skiing and riding skills. Members who have taken club lessons in the past know how valuable a good lesson can be. While these are not the great free ski lessons our members are familiar with, a 50% discount is the next best thing.

GSSC will reimburse (members only) 50% of the price of a group lesson!!

What is my responsibility as a member?

1. This program is a member directed program. That means that you are responsible to make all the arrangements for your lesson and lift ticket.

2. Arrange for your lesson by calling or going online in advance to order a lesson or go to the ski school desk as soon as you get to the ski area.

3. After your lesson save your receipt (you will need this to get your reimbursement)

4. When you attend the next meeting get a reimbursement form from the treasurer and fill it out. Present the lesson receipt and reimbursement form to the SKI VP for their signature and give the signed form to Treasurer to get reimbursed. (pretty simple eh?)

5. Please submit your documentation for reimbursement as soon as possible after taking your lesson. Your receipt will only be valid for 30 days from the date of the lesson.

Please remember “no receipt, no reimbursement, no exceptions!”

Where can I take a lesson?

1. Belleayre Mountain has been designated as our “home mountain”. Members can go to Belleayre and arrange for a group lesson any time.

2. Members attending a GSSC club bus trip can arrange for a group lesson. This is solely the responsibility of the member.

3. Only members staying at the GSSC Lodge can arrange for a group lesson at Killington or Pico.

Lift tickets, arrangements and payment for the group lesson are your  responsibility!

GSSC reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time and for any reason.  GSSC reserves the right to limit the number of lessons per person if necessary. This program will automatically end when the ski instruction budget runs out.

Killington 800-923-9444

Belleayre 845-254-5600     

  Revised 10/18/2019                                                  

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