Ski Instruction

About our Instruction Committee:

Our team of ski instructors/coaches offers free ski instruction for ability levels 1 thru 5. Instruction is usually given on the bus trips, as well as our season opening Instruction Day.

All of our Instructors are certified either through A.S.I.A (Amateur Ski Instructors Association) or P.S.I.A. (Professional Ski Instructors Association). Our instructors/coaches are required to take re-certification courses every 2 years. If you are interested in becoming a GSSC Ski Instructor, please speak to Ed Hirning at a meeting.

How to get the most from this FREE instruction program:
  • Sign up for lessons on every bus trip. Pay close attention to your instructor/coach and practice.
  • Make sure you know your ability level and put this information on the signup form. (See ability levels below.)
  • If you do not have equipment you will need to rent it either from a local ski shop or at the mountain.
  • Make sure your boots are snug to avoid excessive twisting of the ankle and foot.
  • The 2 hour lessons begin at 9:45 and go until 11:45. The meeting place is usually outside the lodge.
  • First preference for instruction goes to lower level classes. (Level 1, 2, 3, 4, etc).
SKIER ABILITY LEVELS — First time on skis. Welcome to the sport of skiing.
  1. You have spent a few hours on the slopes and can link basic wedge turns on the easiest green terrain.
  2. Skis with good basic wedge turns on the easiest green trails and sometimes my skis are parallel.
  3. Skis on all green trails confidently with wedge turns or beginning wedge-christie turns. ( Wedge-christie turns start with skis in a wedge and then the skis become parallel.)
  4. Skis advanced wedge-christie turns on green trails ( skis match earlier in the turn) and wedge-christie turns on easier blue trails.
  5. Skier makes open stance parallel turns on green terrain and advanced wedge-christie turns on blue terrain.

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