Cross Country Skiing

GSSC Cross country ski opportunities include multi-day trips, and single day outings.

Skiing is not all downhill! For a winter fun alternative, step into some skinny skis and enjoy the sport in its pure, original form. No crowds. No hassles. No sky-high lift tickets or mile-long lift lines. No cacophonous machinery. No cumbersome gear and clothing. Just you and some simple, light equipment gliding gracefully over natural snow through the silent woodland splendor—with time to connect with the wonders of nature and the camaraderie of friends.

Nordic Myths: Think cross-country is too difficult? Too easy? This multi-faceted sport will reward skiers of all abilities and all ages, and can also build up your balance and strength for better alpine skiing. The stamina required is determined only by your progressive enjoyment of the sport, improving technique and sense of adventure.

Have it your way! Start easy with a leisurely, sensuous stride along a scenic lake, a snow-white meadow, or even a local golf course. Hungry for thrills?  Polish your skills, and take on a heart-pounding, steep mountain chute on 2”-wide, 210 cm-long edgeless boards, with light ankle boots and free-heel bindings.  Advance into the graceful “skating” style. Or go wild for the wilderness on backcountry/telemark gear.

…The world is your ski slope!

Most areas feature full lodge facilities, rentals and lessons. Some local areas may not. Informal beginner instruction may be available–contact leaders.  New members, beginners, and downhill skiers looking for a new experience…all welcome!

Day Trips: Day trips depend on natural snow conditions—often a tough call.  Meeting times and places will be confirmed by each leader.

Potential Locales:
  • High Point State Park, NJ
  • Fahnestock State Park, NY
  • Lake Minnewaska & Lake Mohonk (New Paltz, NY)
  • Harriman State Park, NY
  • Alpine Lookout, NJ
  • Nearby Catskills
  • Joint trips with other clubs also available
Bring: backpack/fannypack, water, lunch, extra clothing.

For last-minute additions/cancellations: join the XC Email List! Please e-mail Zoltan Nagy or Ron LeVine

Cross Country Trip Ski Schedule 2023

Cross Country & Snowshoe Weekend

Members will enjoy a weekend of fun at our lodge in Pittsford Vermont with the focus on cross-country skiing and snow shoeing, Feb. 3-5.  Click here for the event flyer and be sure to make your reservations through

Cross Country President’s Weekend

Enjoy three fabulous days and nights in beautiful Lake Placid, NY. Accommodations, Feb. 17-20 at the Cobble Lodge.  You’ll enjoy cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and everything Lake Placid has to offer. Click here for the event flyer. You can contact event coordinator Nancy Canning at

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