Vermont Lodge Rules


These rules are to help GSSC members & their guests to use & enjoy the lodge.  Any violations, especially those serious or recurring, will be reviewed by the Lodge Committee.  Penalties include & are not limited to financial reimbursement of damages to the lodge and others, forfeiture of reservation & shareholder fees, termination of lodge privileges, expulsion from the Garden State Ski Club and police intervention, if warranted.  Theft is cause for immediate expulsion.  Every member is responsible for all the actions of their guests.


  1. The last person leaving the lodge MUST follow the “Vermont Lodge closing procedures”.
  2. All members must place their initials on the “room assignment list”
  3. Any changes to your reservation must be approved by the lodge reservation chairperson
  4. All members must sign up for a chore.  All guests over the age of 16 are also required to sign up for a chore.
  5. Any emergencies or mechanical problems must be reported immediately to the lodge committee.  DO NOT attempt any repairs without prior approval.
  6. No smoking is allowed anywhere on the premises, including the basement.  All cigarettes must be extinguished outside and properly disposed of.
  7. Members & their guests agree to cause no harm or to endanger the safety of themselves or others or to cause damage to the Club’s property.
  8. The club does not assume any liability for your personal property & valuables.
  9. The security system will be deactivated for any member with an approved reservation.  Any member causing a false alarm will be liable for any false alarm fee charged to the club.
  10. Firearms, weapons or controlled substances are not permitted on the club premises at any time.
  11. Pets are not allowed.
  12. Appliances other than alarm clocks, clock radios, hair dryers, boot dryers and shavers are not allowedin the rooms.  This includes but is not limited to hot plates, coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators, etc
  13. No personal items may be left at the lodge in bedrooms or common areas (living room, store rooms, porch and basement).


  1. Chimney flue must be open before starting a fire and must remain open as long as there is an active fire or hot ashes.  Flue must be closed once any fire is fully extinguished.
  2. Fire screen must be in place at all times.
  3. Do not leave a fire unattended.
  4. Do not pile up logs on the fire as to risk the rolling off of hot coals onto the floor.
  5. When cleaning the fireplace, place ashes in the metal container adjacent to the fireplace.
  6. When disposing of ashes, place ashes in the snow or on the blacktop as far away from the building as possible.  DO NOT place ashes in the dumpster.


  1. All non members and guests are required to sign a GSSC waiver prior to their visits.
  2. Guests, non-members and applicants can use the lodge only if their member/sponsor is present
  3. Children/minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  4. Children/minors ages 6 to 20 (under 6 not permitted) are allowed at the lodge but may be restricted to certain weekends stipulated by the Lodge Committee.
  5. Children/minors are not to be left in another members care.
  6. Children/minors are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages while at the lodge.
  7. Any dinner parties of 5 or more members/guests(other than those staying in the lodge) must have prior approval from the Lodge Committee.


  1. No excessive noise from midnight to 6:30am, except on pre-designated party nights.
  2. Showering is not permitted between the hours of midnight and 6:30am.
  3. TV usage and hours have separate rules and are posted in the TV room.
  4. Use of the stereo is subject to the inclination of the majority of those present.


  1. Members & guests must supply their own linens (sheets, pillow cases and towels).
  2. Blankets and pillows are provided by the club
  3. All club blankets must be folded and placed on the bed along w/the pillows.
  4. The club does not supply soap (for showering), this is the members responsibility
  5. The club provides limited breakfast items including English muffins, coffee, tea and orange juice.


  1. The phone is blocked for all long distance calls, please use phone credit cards or cell phones.
  2. The fax machine auto answer feature must be left on at all times.
  3. Anyone caught tampering with the fax machine connections will be subject to club sanctions.


  1. All food/drink items must be labeled by the member.
  2. At the end of any weekend, any food/drink item not labeled will be thrown out.
  3. All members are responsible to take home any leftover food/drink items, DO NOT leave behind for future weekends.
  4. Any item donated by a member and labeled “House” will not be resupplied by the club.
  5. DO NOT leave open food items on the counters/tables.


  1. All members are required to clean up after themselves at all times regardless of chore sign ups.
  2. All members are required to keep the lodge clean and neat.
  3. All members must clean up their rooms upon departure. This includes wiping down the bathroom as well as vacuuming and removal of all garbage.
  4. All members must restock their rooms with paper towels and toilet paper
  5. During the off season (April to Christmas), members/guests who use the lodge are responsible for cleaning.

(revised by the Lodge Committee 12/2014)

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